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Saluting You with My Taut Pig Nose to Make a Big Red Nasal Crease!


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8 November 2009

I know what you like… a woman’s sexy nose? An upturned one perhaps? Or a silly one with a big stretched taut pig nose with huge nostrils flaring and funny buck teeth glaring from a silly smile? How about a big red nasal crease… that bright red line folded right across my nose after giving you a big nasal salute?

I know what you’re waiting for, and you do deserve a big enthusiastic salute! What do you think? Is my pig nose impressive. Wait… I’m going to hold it just like this for a while… long enough to create a big red crease! Wanna see it? What do you think of it? Maybe I can make a better one, maybe even more than one line running across my little nose for you!

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