"I would like to say that I love your videos, your face, your body, and your attitude."

Plagued with Hiccups and so Turned on Orgasm after Orgasm


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17 April 2011

What a perfect afternoon…. such a relaxing nap. And when I wake up… hiccups! Can you believe it? I just couldn’t stop!

I shouldn’t have taken that sip of water. All these hiccups are caught in my throat, just popping out one by one and I can’t do anything to stifle or stop them. It’s just so funny! And sexy… SO very sexy.

My body vibrates with every escape of hiccuped air from my throat. They make me giggle and tremble. You know what I have to do. You know I just HAVE to touch myself. They feel so good… every single hiccup while my entire body just feels SO good…