"I will continue to buy your clips because there isn't any competition to you. Sure some women try but in comparison to you, no one is on par."

Modeling My New Platform Flip Flops with a Threat


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14 May 2011

Just wait until you see what I’ve just purchased… a hot new pair of shoes I know you’ll REALLY like. You said you love flip flops, right? That you like to watch my smooth bare feet slide into them and wear them like a pretty toe thong, right? That you love to hear that flip-flop sound as I walk across your path in them, right?

Well, I have a treat for you then… or is it a treat for me? This is one dangerous pair of shoes, a very dominant set of flip flops that will allow me to keep you my submissive, adoring fan for a long, long time. Don’t ask for me to use them on you…

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