"I'm impressed with how much personality you have on screen and how you genuinely seem to want your fans to have the most erotic experience."

Modeling My Bodystocking and a Hot Orgasm


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8 December 2008

I would love to model my bodystocking for you. Isn’t it hot? …like my full, nude body covered completely in tight pantyhose. It feels so snug, so clingy and comfortable. It makes me horny just to wear it!

And my bodystocking is crotchless… did you notice? You can see my little pussy and plump lower lips pooching out and just dying to be touched. I think I have to… Will you come closer? Closer still… I want you to see every detail.

Watch the tight, stretchy lace cling to my body and show off my beautiful curves and natural breasts. Watch the way the fabric moves and the stocking pulls against my ass and pussy lips. Watch me come…