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Lathering My Underarms for a Close Shave and Smooth Deodorant


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30 August 2009

Oooh, I definitely have some stubble… time to shave my underarms! Mmmm… and I have a fresh, untouched, strongly scented bar of your favorite soap to lather up with. I just love that scent!

So milky creamy smooth as I rub the bar gently into my wet armpits… even dripping down my bare body a bit… it tickles! I’ll do a careful shave with the scented suds… look how smooth and soft my underarms are now! One more good, soapy, well lathered wash up and then it’s time to towel dry off.

Mmmm… I smell so good! I could sniff my underarms all day! But first, I’ll smooth on this very smooth and silky deodorant… your favorite brand! I smell divine!