"I have to admit, before I stumbled upon your studio, I wasn't particularly fascinated with this genre. I learned to embrace the genre after taking a chance on a previous video of yours; this one solidifies that embrace."

Incredibly Turned on by the Discovery of My Own Powerful Biceps


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30 July 2011

I should definitely put my hair up tonight, wear it in some sexy style off my bare shoulders. Gotta show off this bare neckline and sexy strapless top! I just can’t figure out what to do exactly… hey…. did you notice that? Look at my arms! Oh my gosh! They’re HUGE!

I had no idea I was showing off such curves just by lifting my arms casually to dress my hair. Look at those big bicep lumps… those shapely shoulders… the bulging triceps. I look so tight-bodied! Oooh… I might have to do this “accidentally” at the party… just raise my arms to brush my hair out of my face when I’m actually trying to show off my big guns!

Look at them protrude when I flex them! Oh, this is going to be fun! Look how they pop out when I do this or this… or I show off from this angle… or this view…