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I Want to Be a Panty Model


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1 February 2009

I have a secret dream… I’ve always wanted to be a super sexy, long legged, hot bodied panty model! I love wearing panties. They’re the very sexiest type of lingerie a woman can wear.

And there are so many kinds! My own private panty collection is always growing… I can’t help adding new, tiny little panties as often as I can. I just love the feel of them, each erotic look, and how wearing them makes me feel so very sexy.

I have a special fantasy to play out… I’m going to give you a private fashion show and model my newest panties for you! Oh, I want you to feel like you’re right here in my bedroom with me enjoying this arousing double view in my floor-to-ceiling bedroom mirrors. I’m going to parade in my panties for you, trying on each new and very different pair, and hold the camera oh-so close so you can see every little detail and every hot angle. Mmmm…. it’s so wonderful having you hear to show off my new panties to!!

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