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How Can I Persuade You to Change Your Story and Vouch for My Innocence


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18 March 2010

Oh, what have I gotten myself into this time? I can’t afford for my insurance rates to go up! The cop doesn’t even believe my story… there’s only one witness to the accident and it’s the husband of the lady I ran into! My goodness, the repair expenses on their car are going to be outrageous. What do I do???

Well, I did notice that woman’s husband was totally checking me out when he was looking around to “survey the damage.” There is that itsy bitsy fact that no man has ever been able to withstand my seduction skills… or should I say, my enormous breasts?? hee hee hee

That’s what I’ll do. I’m just going to walk right over to that man and use every bit of my feminine powers to tease him into collaborating with me on MY version of the story and confirm my innocence! Who cares if he’s got to then explain that to his wife after the fact? Or the cum stain on his trousers…