"I don't feel like I'm just watching you. Even though I know it is just a video and you're not really interacting with me, I can't help but become absorbed into your narrative."

Hidden Camera Catches Maid’s Every Move While Working Hard


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8 August 2009

She has no idea there are so many secret little camera’s hidden all over the household she’s been employed to tend to. She’s tidying up as her naughty voyeuristic boss records her every move to use for his own guilty pleasure.

He’s filming every stretch, every task, every subconscious scratch, every fidget with her uniform, every time she absentmindedly bends over in her tight fishnet stockings to reach a crevice that needs dusting. Is she wearing any panties??

She’s such a hard worker, so diligent. She never stops. And her boss rewards her faithful service by using her to get off on…

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