"What separates you from other people who make taboo vids, is your creativity in the scenarios you give. I love all of the naughty things you say, and you leave us wanting more and more taboo situations."

Fuck Me Virtually! Finger Me Good


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29 December 2008

I know what you want. And I can’t wait to give it to you. I wish you could be right here with me. And now, you can! I want you to fuck me virtually… come right into my own bedroom. Sit down on the bed beside me, and you decide if you’d like to indulge me and give me exactly what I’m begging for.

Please? I wore this lingerie just for you… and now I want you to make me come. Mmmm… doesn’t my smooth pussy look tasty? You can lick it if you want… and touch me.

Finger me until I come and beg you to stop! Let’s wake up the neighbors…

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