"You take me to places physics don't allow and by bridging the gap between reality and fantasy, give my wife pointers on role play she is beginning to employ in our sex life. Thanks so much for taking this fetish in your stride."

Forgive Me, Father, for I Have Sinned


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10 January 2015

I’m such a dirty girl… and I do have a guilty conscience because of it. I swear I do. So, every now and again, I feel the DEEP NEED to step into confessional and tell all. That poor priest… he gets to hear EVERYTHING.

I just can’t help myself… for every naughty thing I do to get what I want in life… and from my new “foster family”. Oh, how easy it is to collect all the family trust fund… one “family member” at a time!

You’re going to HAVE to jerk it while you listen in… aren’t you, Father?

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