"I have seen tens of thousands of clips but none with such a beautiful woman as you who appears to have absolute conviction about making the fantasy come alive with all of your energy, beauty and most of all, your dominate understanding and intelligence of our sexual psychology."

Fast Asleep and Enjoying a Hot Erotic Fantasy


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10 February 2009

Mmmm… I’m sleeping so blissfully, so very cozy and warm tucked into my wonderful bed. I must be horny… I’m enjoying such a delicious fantasy, such a sexy hot dream. Can you tell what’s going through my sleeping mind as I lie in bed? I’m getting so hot, I sleepily push down the covers.

It feels so good to touch myself… but in my erotic fantasy, it’s not myself I’m touching. Oh, no… there’s something hot and hard for my mouth to suck on, something sticky and sweet between my lips as I’m sucking on my own finger… and someone is driving me crazy, making me so very hot, and about to make me come… all while I’m fast asleep…

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