"I think that's the thing that sets you apart from everyone else with your videos. You have a great personality, and obviously you are gorgeous too...(that doesn't hurt!). But I like how playful you are, it's awesome."

Eating Jello Is Boring; I’m Going to Bathe in It!


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28 July 2009

Mmm… look at all this tasty jello gelatin! I just want to spoon it all into my mouth. It’s such a treat!

Oooh, I’m so messy! Look what I just spilled… bright yellow jello right down my breasts! Good thing I’m in the bath tub. Now, I have a very sexy idea… what would all this jello look like all over my naked body?

I just HAVE to see what it feels like… just can’t wait to feel it plop down over my head, slide down my skin, and squish between my fingers and toes!!

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