“Your videos are the best on the net.”

"Your videos are the best on the net."

Do You Really Want to Know Those Private Things that Go on in the Women’s Toilet?


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2 August 2011

Well, it’s time I treat you to a private peek then! Come along… no one’s watching. Everyone’s busy at their desks, won’t even know you’re following me… to the women’s toilet! I’ve gotta pee so bad!

Don’t keep me waiting… and I can’t believe I’m doing this for you! You must be a REALLY good friend. It’s a good thing you confessed your little sexual curiosity to me or I’d never know how much it all meant to you. And if you just can’t take it anymore, if you’re just dying to see, then I’m going to take you with me.

Just don’t let anyone see you! Follow me… and you’re going to have to stand there through every mundane detail as I pull up my skirt, pull down my pantyhose and panties… and show you just what a woman’s pussy looks like when it uses the toilet… Shhh, don’t tell anyone!!


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