"I have seen tens of thousands of clips but none with such a beautiful woman as you who appears to have absolute conviction about making the fantasy come alive with all of your energy, beauty and most of all, your dominate understanding and intelligence of our sexual psychology."

Come Under the Covers with Me


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12 December 2008

Mmmmm, it’s warm in here. My bed is so comfy, the sheets so smooth and soft. Don’t you want to come inside? Yes, come under the covers with me.

I’m so relaxed and comfortable. I just need a little help falling asleep…. you know, some fun between friends to really, really relax me so that I can drift off to sleep with a big grin on my face! Just slip under the sheets with me.

I’ll take off my cotton panties to get more cozy. We can steal a few minutes to play together. Come under the covers with me, and make me come…

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