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Barefoot Karate Workout, High Kicking, and Sexy Striptease


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9 March 2009

I love practicing my martial arts lessons. Karate moves are so much fun… especially the high kicks! I love wearing my uniform and doing my whole routine and workout barefoot. Isn’t my outfit sexy? Shhh… don’t tell anyone I’m completely nude beneath it! It’s the only way to practice… so much cooler and nice and airy this way.

I have lots of stretching to do, and I’m so full of energy. I’m ready to do some of my favorite kicks… Oooh! Did I scare you by running toward you and showing you how high I can kick. I won’t bump into you. I promise. I just want to show off and see how high I can get my barefoot kicking for you.

My, it’s getting so hot in my uniform. Do you mind if I strip out of each piece of my uniform and practice my kicks in the nude a bit?