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Admiring My Sexy Neck and Adorning It with Tight Choker Necklaces


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28 October 2009

I’m all dressed up and ready for a sexy night… my sensual shoulders are naked and bare and my shapely long neck needs something very special to adorn it. Can you help me?

First, I’ll pin my hair back to properly expose my beautiful neckline. What do you think? Does that do the trick? How does it look from the back and from the front? Oooh, how about this sexy black velvet tie choker with a dark stone dangling at the nape of my neck?

I have another to try… a wide wraparound choker with leather and lace. Do you like? Mmmm… it feels so good to stretch my neck back… and caress its curving shape with my fingers… I have to test out this choker fully! Or should I take it off again and let my neck by bare and naked?