"Wow, you amazed me. I never thought I'd be playing so much with myself, but somehow I just can't seem to find a better fantasy than the ones you make up."

What Should I Take Off Next?


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15 December 2008

I love tempting you, and I’d love to put on a little private show just for you. A slow, sensual striptease is so hot. Especially when it’s performed especially for YOU. What would you like me to take off first?

Shall I tempt you with my curvy bare ass or my big bosom? Are you eager to see my lingerie, to watch me peel off my own itty bitty g-string? Or would you prefer to imagine taking it off my body and sliding it down my thighs with your own mouth? Now, what should I take off next?

Tempts your tastes for , , , ,

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