"You are an amazing actress and you do fulfill all fantasies."

I Just Might Break My Neck Performing These Cheers


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2 March 2012

1…2…3… YAY! I’ve almost got this routine down. It’s not easy. This is especially challenging. I’m learning new tricks of the trade all the time. I’m jumping higher, shaking my pompoms harder, and learning to smile while I’m working out so hard.

Some of these moves are very tricky though… dangerous, in fact. You could hurt yourself doing this… if you’re not as talented as I am. Watch this one… particularly strenuous… and… OWWWWWW! Oh my god! My neck! ……..

Gee, that was painful. Now I’ve got to wear this stupid neck brace! I better have it off by the time the big game starts. I just need to practice my routine with it on… it makes everything so difficult! I can’t turn my head, can barely see what I’m doing… where are my own feet? If I bend my back, I’m just in so much excruciating pain! What if I slip and fall again and hurt myself even worse???