"You are really talented. I feel like you are talking directly to me and that you understand my physical preferences and desires."

Every Man’s Fantasy: A Sexy Stranger Seduces You Pressed Against Your Car Window


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10 December 2010

Imagine sitting in your car in the midst of an ordinary day, reflecting on your average mood and maybe what you’ll do once you finally reach home after a long, hard day’s work. If you had the choice, how would your day change? What would you prefer to happen? What mysterious, sexy, highly erotic event to take place?

What if I sexy stranger happened by… a woman with an impeccable lust for seducing complete strangers and blessed with an incredible pair of breasts that she loves to show off? What if she took it upon herself to impress you, show off her body, and seduce you to orgasm merely by pressing herself against that hard, cold glass of your car window while you succumbed to her advances?